Executive Board Meetings

Our Avalon PTO Executive Board meets the 1st Friday of each month. We discuss current activities as well as what we have done and will do this coming year. We also vote on budget items and discuss our goals and expectations for the year.

All Executive Board meetings are open to members. You are welcome to join us and let us know what's on your mind.

Avalon Elementary PTO Executive Board Members


President- Ruby Berryman

Vice President,  Ways and Means- Alice Vaidyanathan

Vice President  Membership- Elizabeth Jimenez

Vice President, Programs-  Sudy Cholaghians

Secretary- Meagan Wells

Auditor- Marlen Echeverry

Volunteer Representative- Kathryn Watkins

Treasurer- Jennifer Sell

Parliamentarian- Sharman Asendorf

Members at Large- Priscilla Plascencia, Evelyn Perez, Cynthia Sanchez